Web Data Mining: Analyzing Traffic and Online Competitors

It’s not enough to throw up a website and sit back and wait for traffic. You need to analyze your traffic, identify user behavior on your site, perform competitor analysis and find out who links to you. SEO isn’t even enough. Web data mining concepts help you store user data and create reports that focus on traffic analysis. This article is an overview of data mining concepts and how you can use data to increase website sales and improve online marketing ROI.

5 Old Web Development Trends That You Should Remove from Your Site

As a web developer or even site owner, you need to keep your website design trendy. Just like fashion, website designs go in and out of style and users are more aware of old-looking site designs. An old site design could technically be perfect in terms of code and even SEO, but some designs turn off users who bounce from your site and browse a competitor site instead. Old site designs age your brand and make it look abandoned. In other words, you can lose potential customers with just a bad, old site layout.